Guidance Design: Content When and Where Customers Need It

Customers working within an application are bound to have questions or encounter issues where they need good content. In most applications this means they will need to leave the application and their workflow to search for information they may or may not find. This can be a frustrating experience that can lead to lower customer satisfaction.

Guidance Design, something new to the industry and Juniper. brings content to customers in their application when and where they need it.

Through Guidance Design, technical content, including release notes, user guides, FAQs, and instructional videos, is available in an expertly-designed, expandable, moveable and context-sensitive panel within the GUI. Customers no longer need to leave the application – or even the GUI overlay they are on – to find what they are looking for. Instead, the content is right there at their fingertips.

In this presentation we will highlight what Guidance Design is and how we implemented it. We will also demonstrate how partnering with a good UX team and innovating on content usability brings a competitive advantage to GUI applications and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Meet the Presenters

Fawn Damitio has over 20 years experience in the technical communication field. She currently is the Director of Cloud Services and Network Management Information Experience at Juniper Networks.




Neha Singh is lead UX designer at Juniper with many years of experience in content strategy, interaction design and visual design.



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