To make text as clear as possible, use Simplified Technical English

Presentation Abstract

Human failures cause accidents. A typical cause of human failure is unclear instructions. Simplified Technical English (STE) helps to make instructions clear, and thus STE decreases the risk of human failure. The specification for STE is ASD-STE100 (

What can attendees expect to learn?

The audience will learn about the benefits of STE. They will know not only what it is, but also, what it is not. The implementation of STE is not easy, and I talk about some typical problems that an organization must solve to implement STE effectively.

Meet the Presenter

In the 1980s, Mike Unwalla taught English to adult learners. In 1995, Mike became a technical writer. At a technical communication conference, he learned about STE and started to use it. To help him to conform to STE, he developed a term checker for STE. Website: E-mail:



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