Building an Illustrated Parts Catalog From Your CCMS

Complex manufacturing calls for Illustrated Parts Catalogues to help provide maintenance/service engineers, buyers and others with detailed information. IPCs have historically difficult to produce and even harder to maintain. Advances in system integrations means it is now possible to create Illustrated Parts Lists from within your CCMS, Bluestream will show you how.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will open the audiences eyes to the possibility of bringing more control to the Technical Publications department.

Meet the presenter

Driven by passion for technology and people Nenad Furtula is a seasoned manager with more than 15+ years of enterprise software product management, sales, marketing and business development experience. At present Nenad is a partner at Bluestream Database Software, where he manages all aspects of business development, sales and marketing. Over the last 13 years, Nenad has been actively involved in product and market development for XML database technology (xstream db), for XML reporting technology, and for the DITA-enabled XML Component Content Management System (CCMS) called XDocs.

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