Stop Information Underwhelm: How to harness the power of branded visual communications

At any given time, a dozen or more strategic initiatives are battling for employee mindshare across today’s global organizations. With a powerful visual brand, the initiatives you’re responsible for will stand head and shoulders about the clutter of sterile SharePoint, overused clip art and lifeless slide decks. In a sea of homogenized technical knowledge bases, employees will gravitate quickly toward the eBooks, work instructions, templates and site navigation whose creative design and production values clearly demonstrate respect for their users. The overarching mission is making it easier for all employees to “give their gifts” in the workplace, everyday.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Make a compelling case for technical communicators to up their game by recognizing that they must compete for employee bandwidth by incorporating best practices of branding, marketing and graphic design. To do that, the presentation will showcase examples of innovative visual communications and highlight the steps and resources involved in developing them.  Bottom line: audience member will understand how this compelling approach results in high-touch information assets that drive engagement, foster better performance, enrich the company culture and increase the visibility of the people and departments responsible.

Meet the presenter

Richard Layton, Creative Director / Principal, Transform Communications

Since 1992, Rich Layton has been Cutting the Cost of Confusion® for project organizations and operating units in energy, petrochemicals, industrial water reuse and many other industry sectors. Recognizing that people are the ultimate determinants of ROI, he works “under the hood” of complex business and technology initiatives to engage, educate and inspire those on whom success depends. With a focus on benefits realization, Rich and select Transform partners create integrated knowledge bases and technical documentation systems that have delivered, literally, millions of dollars in bottom line benefits.

Rich holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas School of Communication.
Partial list of his specialized Knowledge Areas includes:
•Branding & Marketing
•Business Process Re-design & Change Management
•Project Management & Quality Management
•Decision Analysis & Risk Management
•Value Engineering/Value Improving Practices

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