Writing Well — January 23-24, 2018

Regardless of who creates technical content, the tools they use to create it, and the methods they use to deliver it, information products must continue to meet a certain fundamental standard of “good writing.” But what defines good writing? Is it something that we simply know when we see it or can we put an accurate, all-encompassing definition around it?

CIDM invites you back to basics as we explore what defines good documentation in today’s structured, topic-based environment. What does it mean to write well? With a steady intake of chat acronyms and emojis, does anyone care whether their technical documentation is consistent or punctuated correctly? What characteristics predict whether or not content will be usable and understandable? Where should we be spending our time? What strategies help authors produce content that users willingly turn to first, confident that they can find an answer and return to work quickly?

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