Content Curation — IDEAS Summer 2015

We are living in an era of content abundance. Today’s user is bombarded with information from all directions. Some is good – accurate, timely, usable – but some is not. How can our users distinguish the difference? We’d like to believe they always turn to the content we ourselves have created and approved, but often their choice is made by what they can find most easily.

Rather than add to the ever-growing volume of information, perhaps the role of information-developer should morph into that of content curator. Much like a museum curator collects artifacts, organizes them into a meaningful display, and helps visitors navigate the entire exhibit, a content curator finds the best and most relevant content on the subject, organizes it into meaningful presentations, and helps users navigate to the information they want to see, regardless of who created it.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. How do we stay current on the information available? What about legal and copyright issues? How do we convince management of the value? In this conference, our speakers examine the common barriers to using content created elsewhere – technical limitations, legal implications, accuracy, and job preservation – and provide guidance for how to get started.

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