Rich Content to the Right User

Presentation Abstract

Content development and distribution models have evolved tremendously over the years ranging from book publishing, web publishing, to the current state of sharing content across devices in various forms. We have been using imaginary personas as our benchmarks of understanding the user types, imagining their needs and developing the content satisfying their needs. Even though these personas aid us to develop content with some target in mind, they are not helping us really to satisfy the real users needs. Identifying the real end users of our software products, understanding their profile, their environment, infrastructure, actual scenarios in which they use the product are the essential elements even before we start developing the content. Having this user knowledge handy would empower the information developers to develop content facilitating maximum consumption by the right users.

This presentation talks about how Adobe’s content developers have adopted various methods to capture the needs of real users of the product and how we enabled seamless product Help experiences to users.

What can attendees expect to learn?

This presentation is intended for information developers of products who are keen to learn the processes, best practices and innovative methods to understand users better and develop rich content to satisfy their needs. The audience can learn how to develop unique content that suits the needs of each role played by users in an organization, the content types required, the content forms such as FAQs, How Tos, knowledge based articles and so on. They can also learn about how to use content as data for web analytics to understand user behavior, and how to use customer support interactions to understand user experiences. The audience can understand how to leverage internal customer facing teams such as Customer Success Management, Tech support and Customer support teams to interact with real users of our products and develop relevant content.

Meet the Presenter

Jacob Royal is working with Adobe systems as Senior Lead in Content & Community. He has dual Master degrees in M.B.A and M.Tech (IT) and currently pursuing doctoral research in User Analytics. Prior to joining Adobe he worked as Senior Information Architect, Project Manager, Program Manager and Content Lead at Sun Microsystems, Huawei, and Lucent Technologies. He was co-author of a Java Tutorial book at Sun Microsystems. He has presented paper on Responsive Content Authoring topic at Tekom’s TC World India conference 2015 and presented at STC Symposiums in Bangalore. He has 16 years of experience in technical communication during which he presented several papers, conducted workshops and presented demos/seminars at various technical communication and developer conferences in India. Also, he presented at FSFS open source international developer conference in Trivandrum, India on Java technologies. Delivered product seminars on Java, NetBeans, Open Solaris, GlassFish, etc. to several university students including SanJose University engineering students during their visit to Sun Microsystems, India office. Conducted SL 110 Java course to about 5000 university students through satellite network.

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