Balancing the Seesaw: 5 tested practices to collaborate digitally with SMEs

Digital is an accelerator. It encourages organizations to create new products, faster, and at a greater velocity. Digital also encourages customers to want results that are better, arrive quicker, and they are easier to use.

As a result, to keep up with these changes, information developers must transform the way they work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

At Danfoss Power Solutions, we are enabling SMEs to review, contribute, and approve content using the same information development tools used by technical writers. We are enlisting our SMEs to help create more content at a faster pace. To achieve this, we are moving the authoring experience from a disjointed one across multiple tools to a simpler experience that is nearly seamless across fewer tools. With a simpler experience, we can then shift our information developers to high-value activities with a greater customer impact.

But the actions for digital transformation are not new — they already exist. In this presentation, we will examine five tried-and-tested actions you can take to begin including SMEs in your information development process and kick-start your organization’s transformation.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will give you five actions to started immediately including SMEs in your information development process. These actions will help you:

  • stay up-to-date on the latest digital ways to include SMEs in the information development process
  • feel confident about where and how to start including SMEs in your process
  • control the conversation around how to evolve and improve your collaboration with SMEs

Meet the presenter

Theodore Wolff has a decade of experience in technical documentation across hydraulic machinery manufacturing, semiconductors, and agriculture machinery. He is currently the global team leader for technical documentation at Danfoss Power Solutions where his team helps to engineer a sustainable tomorrow. At Danfoss, Theodore has led a team out of the desktop publishing world and into the topic-based world of DITA. Now he and his team are making a digital transformation in how they work with SMEs in order to achieve a customer-focused outcome.

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