Conquering the World: Extending DITA to transform your enterprise

Up until now, structured authoring has been considered a best practice for traditional technical documentation. However, all enterprise artifacts can leverage structure.

A combination of DITA and new DITA-OT based plugins can be used to author and publish new types of content, including slides and interactive web forms. By unifying the content development strategy, technical publication groups can own and improve the quality of documentation traditionally owned by other groups.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how you can use the DITA specification to create any kind of content. You will hear how Ryffine successfully generates slide decks and interactive web forms transformed from DITA content. You’ll also hear how traditional and non-traditional forms of single-sourcing can help maximize reuse, and the different ways in which an enterprise can benefit from a unified content strategy.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will benefit three camps:
– The group that creates a variety of media and uses different tools in order to produce or support each medium.
– The group that wants to assume responsibility for more than just traditional technical documentation.
– The group that wants to improve the quality of other media they produce by applying the principles of structured authoring to those media.

Meet the presenter

Micaela Monroe is a Content Strategist at Ryffine. She has been serving in the industry since 2014, working closely with large companies and software engineers to implement DITA in new and creative ways.

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