Plan Your Digital Transformation

In this presentation, Leticia shares how to plan your digital transformation. The steps include Communications, taxonomy, metadata, content reshaping, customer access, converting or creating content, a pilot and rollout, and broadcasting your release.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The audience will learn the steps to building and planning their digital transformation. Often people look at the glamour of a digital transformation. We look at the accolades to accomplish the task.

Meet the presenter

Leticia Guzzetta is an experienced Sr. Technical Communications manager and writer with a focus on improving publishing processes and content strategies with some expertise in XML, DITA, CMS, CCMS, and FrameMaker. At Cadence Design Systems (her current company), Leticia manages the Design IP documentation writing team and projects. She works closely with her overseas team and peers to improve the publishing process and guide the team to modernization. With her 17 years management experience and 30 years publishing experience, Leticia is in a unique position to aid her colleagues on their modular documentation journey.
Leticia has a BA, MA in English. She hopes to achieve a doctorate someday. In Leticia’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling…especially to Hawaii.

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