Reusing Content

Reuse is one of the key business drivers for the adoption of a structured markup publishing model such as DITA. The ROI potential is compelling in today’s resource strapped technical product documentation environment, imagine being able to reduce the volume of content writers must maintain by 30, 40 or even 50 percent!

The Winter 2018 IDEAS conference builds on the success of previous topics on writing and editing to tackle another important aspect of modern publishing. Topics range from establishing foundational concepts to learning nuts and bolts particulars.

What can you do to identify existing duplicate content? How do you utilize your CMS to track and manage reuse? What are the available content referencing mechanisms? What are industry best practices to help writers ensure they are referencing existing topics efficiently? How can automated tools help increase content reuse? What is an MRU? Is there such a thing as too much reuse? Join us for the answers to these questions and more!

CIDM is pleased to announce the call for papers for the next edition of IDEAS!

We are looking for topics on such subjects as:

  • How to identify content that may be a candidate for reuse
  • How to measure and track implementation of a content reuse strategy
  • What to do with content which is similar but not duplicate
  • Helping writers find existing content for reuse
  • Helping writers write content for reuse
  • Content Reuse Strategy Best Practices
  • Impact of content reuse on search
  • Content reuse and translation
  • Content reuse and conversion
  • What is your company’s content reuse story
  • Content reuse tips, tricks, and gotchas
  • Content reference mechanisms in DITA
  • Content reference mechanisms in Docbook
  • The business case for content reuse
  • Content reuse granularity—too big, too small and just right sizes
  • Increasing content reuse percentages year over year
  • Selling content reuse to management

We are looking for one-hour sessions that can be effectively delivered in our online format. Submissions must be received by October 1, 2018. We need a couple more presentations for this event. Please submit your idea before Monday, October 8, 2018.

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