Worth a Thousand Words

No one wants to read a technical manual devoid of images. On the other hand, no one wants to stare at gratuitous graphics devoid of any meaning. What makes a good visual supplement to our words? What is required to completely replace words? What do technical writers need to know about defining or even developing technical illustrations and other media?

CIDM announces the call for papers for our Summer IDEAS conference. We are looking for practical presentations that address any aspect of the users’ visual experience when interacting with technical content. Subjects might include:

  • Working with a technical illustrator
  • The technical writer’s role in user interface design
  • The pro’s and con’s of different file formats
  • Graphic design or technical illustration basics, hints, and tips
  • Writing good tags and captions
  • Designing or incorporating multimedia, including video and animations
  • Styling the look and feel of information on a printed or web page

Please submit your presentation proposal(s) right away.

We are looking for one-hour sessions that can be effectively delivered in our online format.

Our goal is to complete the program in early April and will be in touch with you very soon! 

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