Real-time content reuse at scale using computational linguistics and cognitive services

Presentation Abstract

Every wants reuse, but not the pain and difficulty that accompany it. This presentation and live working model, will describe and demonstrate how AI computational linguists can be combined with cognitive services and diverse authoring tools and content management systems to automate reusable content discovery, at scale – even if reusable content assets reside across heterogeneous content management systems and repositories. It will demonstrate how reuse can be made convenient and assistive for content creators, unobtrusively, in real time, as content creators write.

Meet the Presenter

Mike Iantosca is a senior program advisor and strategist on the corporate leadership team for IBM Information Development world-wide. Mike has decades of experience with the design and development of diverse authoring and content management systems, processes, and standards. A career IBM Information Developer for more than 36 years, Mike currently leads the strategy, design, development, deployment and support of advanced content systems that involve the practical application of AI computational linguistics and cognitive technologies, at scale.

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