Personalizing the Product Content Experience

Personalized content is all around us. Google search results are personalized. Online shopping sites offer intelligent recommendations to up-sell the customer with products they might want. Banks, travel services, hotels, newspapers, streaming television networks, and social media feeds — everywhere you look, personalization is the way content is delivered today. So why is technical documentation still stuck in the Dark Ages, with manuals, chapters, and static text?

This session will explore various personalization methodologies in use today, and how technical writers can bring them into the technical documentation space to offer users recommended and personalized product content. We’ll explain how some of the world’s fastest growing brands leverage technical product content to improve customer experiences, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction and show a few real-life examples and best-practices for personalizing your technical content experience.

Meet the Presenter

For the last fifteen years, Hannan Saltzman has served in executive R&D and product positions, focused on defining and building market leading products. In his last role, Hannan served as a senior product manager in NICE Systems, helping large financial institutions identify compliance risks in mass amounts of unstructured customer communications by applying speech, text ,and transactional analytics. Prior to that, Hannan led NICE’s Situation Management solution to being the global market leader, helping large enterprises improve operations by optimizing knowledge delivery and response workflows. At Zoomin, Hannan and his team develop innovative products that help organizations reduce customer effort by providing personalized and consistent product information across customer touchpoints.

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