Creating and Training Your Own AI Instance Using DITA

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is imminent. AI is pervasive across industries and disciplines; even in the discipline of Technical Communication. But is this cause of worry, or rather, is it an opportunity? If AI makes sense of intelligent and structured content to perform tasks that were once performed by humans, how can we, as Technical Communicators and Information Designers better design and curate information to create new corpus of information just for AI. How can a Technical Communicator build an Artificial Intelligence bot to respond and chat for product related help?

Meet the Presenter

Vishal George Palliyathu has around 12 years of Information Development experience, with Cisco and IBM. He has led several migration and revamping efforts with a strong focus on better information design and ease of use using minimalist principles. As a DITA evangelist with four patents and a paper published on the DITA framework, he has also presented at DITA Europe, tcworld, and STC conferences. He has successfully worn many hats over his career – that of an Editor, Information Developer, Build smith, Lead, and Information Architect.

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