Panning for gold: How to mine term values in your organization

If your organization is in the midst of a taxonomy design project, or planning for one in the future,  values users see on the delivery platform for filtering, facets, or other search mechanisms contribute significantly to your technical publications content experience. Therefore, the terms you select are an important part of any taxonomy or metadata strategy. What should your criteria  be for determining term values? How do you ensure these terms  are meaningful, consistent, unambiguous, and relevant? What possible sources exist within your company for finding terms? How do you determine whether the terms you have selected resonate with your users? What if terms change over time?

Whether you are a writer, an information architect, or content strategist, if you are tasked with finding answers to questions such as these, or want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of mining for terms, join Sabine Ocker for practical, specific guidelines on how to strike gold.

Meet the Presenter

Sabine Ocker has 20 years’ experience working in XML, and more than 15 years architecting, deploying, and migrating structured authoring systems at major companies. She’s worked on both Docbook and DITA information models, and worn many hats—Information Architect, Content Strategist, web site librarian, and Enterprise Metadata Czar. In her work as a Comtech Services consultant, Sabine helps clients define information models, taxonomies, and content strategies, drawing on her real-life experiences with both customers and vendors. Away from her consulting work, Sabine lectures and writes about 19th and 20th century photography.

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