Build Your Own Virtual Assistant Like a Pro

As Technical Writers we help users understand complex concepts, perform difficult tasks with ease, and resolve problems quickly.

But don’t we need help for ourselves while we perform the noble task of helping the users? How about having a buddy who is available all the time to help us at our work place? How delightful it would be to have someone who can instantly provide the information that we need and save us from the daunting task of wading through the search results in the process repository? How pleasant it would be to have an assistant who promptly provides us with the consolidated list of Jira and Bugzilla tasks in our names as we begin the day?

A “Virtual Assistant” can help us in performing non-writing activities. A chat-bot equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities can reduce the burden of performing multiple and repetitive tasks and enables us to spend time in actual writing.

I will share with you my exciting journey of building my own AI and ML based chat-bot that performs day-to-day non-writing activities and helps me to concentrate on the core writing work.

Post this session, you will walk away with the confidence “Yes, I too can build a chatbot like a Pro”.

Meet the Presenter

Sudhi is a Senior Technical Writer at VMware, with over a decade of technical writing experience spanning across various domains such as Telecommunication, Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and so on. An avid follower of the ever growing technological trends, he loves learning new technologies and experimenting with them.

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