Don’t Give Them a City Skyscraper when They Want a Country Cottage

It is not coincidence that the term “architect” was adopted by the information development community to describe the emerging role of designing and organizing structured information systems. Indeed, the parallels between information architecture and physical architecture are numerous. In this presentation, Dawn shows that whether you are designing a physical space or a content portal, the underlying principles and considerations are the same: is it functional, safe, and economical, and does it suit the needs of the people who use them.

Meet the Presenter

Dawn Stevens is the President, and owner of Comtech Services and the Director of the Center for Information-Development Management. With over 25 years of experience, including 15 years at Comtech, Dawn has practical experience in virtually every role within a documentation and training department, including project management, instructional design, writing, editing, and multimedia programming. With both engineering and technical communication degrees, Dawn combines a solid technical foundation with strong writing and design skills to identify and remove the challenges her clients face in producing usable, technical information and training.

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