Building Product Documentation in Parallel Sprints

Presentation Abstract

How do you leverage your small writing team to support customer documentation for a large product line? Implement a Shared Services model using Agile. In this presentation we’ll explore running parallel scrum teams dedicated to producing end user documentation that is validated, and ready when the product goes to market. We’ll look at how you segment the work into discrete and appropriately sized stories, how you define Definition of Ready and Definition of Done, how do you keep stakeholders informed of progress, and how do you deliver validated content in a timely manner. We’ll also take a look at how you can translate Agile data points to stakeholder language to communicate risks, progress, and delivery. By exploring implementation of Agile tools and ceremonies in a Shared Services model, you’ll understand how you can develop information using the same models and language as other Agile teams, while creating a successful environment for Information Developers.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation suggests a model to balance limited information development resources across multiple products using Agile. Participants will benefit from learning from a real world implementation of the model, including the lessons learned and how the original process design has changed over time. Participants will also see what tools have helped with scoping, sizing, and reporting, as well as what hurdles have been encountered and how they were addressed.

Meet the Presenter

Thena Berry serves as the Senior Manager for Knowledge Management at MEDHOST in Nashville, Tennessee. In her 20 year career as a Technical Communicator, Ms. Berry has worked across industries including Healthcare Management, Software and Hardware Development, and Education and Housing. In each of her endeavors, Ms. Berry focuses on building effective processes for getting the right information to the right person at the right time. Public Speaking talks include:

Center for Information Development Management, April 2013: Introducing Knowledge Management to Your Enterprise,  PMI Symposium 2015

[with Priyanka Sharma]: ManAGILEment the Dilbert way,  PMI Symposium 2016 [with Priyanka Sharma]: Agile Project Managers:Translators, Connectors, Builders

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