Steal from your Product Development Team

Presentation Abstract

product to create and deliver products incrementally. You can steal these ideas and practices to deliver documentation at the speed of development. When documentation and development begin at the same time and progress together, some interesting things happen: opportunities for feedback and iteration occur earlier, teams pivot faster in response to new priorities, and content is created only when and where it’s needed.

During this presentation, I’ll discuss:

  • How and why to write for the Minimum Viable Documentation
  • How to use Agile artifacts such as epics, stories, bugs, and code reviews to write in alignment with product development
  • How to use Agile ceremonies such as sprint planning, sprint review, and retrospectives to tighten the documentation feedback cycle
  • How to steal development tools to improve efficiency and increase the exposure of your documentation

What can the audience expect to learn?

There is no shortage of blog posts and articles that advocate for the use of Agile methods when developing technical documentation. This presentation will walk through the specific tools and workflows that a writer working with an Agile development team can employ to increase documentation relevance and visibility.

Meet the Presenter

Dianne Stevens is a content developer at ARRIS, where she has been writing UI help, API documentation, and software developer documentation for the past two years. Previously, she spent eight years helping IBM develop Eclipse-based Information Centers and Knowledge Centers and five years writing and editing for the scientific community. She’s been writing in Agile environments for the past 10 years and thinks that automated continuous integration for documentation could be the best thing ever.



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