Victory in Agile: Learning to adopt and adapt

Presentation Abstract

Writing in an Agile environment can be challenging for even the best and most adaptable information developers. Every time a paradigm shift occurs, information developers must adjust to the changing development methodologies. Is the iterative and incremental approach vs. the age-old waterfall approach challenging documentation norms? At EMC we are continuously evolving and are in the process of adopting an Agile approach to information development. Adopting a new methodology can be a challenge. However, some teams at EMC have turned that challenge into a victory!

Our Information Development teams adopted and adapted to Agile by:

  • Building and writing content for the product iteratively as part of short sprint-based intervals.
  • Being flexible on the scope of the release throughout the development process.
  • Communicating closely with co-located and geographically dispersed teams.
  • Relying on the Scrum Master to remove blockers for information development.
  • Responding with content for sprint-based releases.
  • Utilizing tools to revise, review, and release topics as we go.
  • Using just-in-time analysis of the work to be done.


What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation is intended for teams who have recently adopted Agile or will move into this environment in the near future. We will explore how information developers can deal with and overcome hurdles when faced with adopting Agile methodologies. I will showcase how to adapt to this new environment, what you should be aware of when working in an Agile environment, and some best practices to follow to turn challenges into victories for your information development teams. The information I share will:

  • Assist information developers in overcoming the persistent fear that “Agile is not possible in information development.”
  • Help managers identify what steps they need to take to move their teams into Agile environments, and provide them with best practices to do so.


Meet the Presenter

Rohina Dhunjeebhoy has over 20 years’ experience as a professional Information Developer. She is an Information Architect and Information Developer at EMC Corporation. She is passionate about DITA and is now an Agile methodology evangelist who facilitates adoption in Information Development teams at EMC. Rohina was the President of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Toronto Chapter 2013-2015.



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